Drivers near Arlington, TX likely already know that Acura manufactures some of the most luxurious, stylish, and comfortable vehicles in the industry. But did you also know that Acura is on the cutting edge when it comes to safety? Safety is a perpetually underrated aspect of Acura vehicles, because safety features may not be flashy, but they can save you from a destructive accident. Here are three of the most innovative safety features found on the AcuraWatch™ suite of advanced safety features.

Forward Collision Warning System: The Forward Collision Warning system (FCW) will warn you if the system determines there is a likelihood of a frontal collision when a vehicle is detected in front of you. If you do not brake in time or take preventative action to prevent a collision, a visual warning will flash on the multimedia display and an audible beep will sound continuously.

Multi-View Rear Camera: Found on vehicles like the 2019 Acura RDX, the Multi-View Rear Camera is much more than just your average rearview camera. With its integrated Dynamic Guidelines, this camera produces a display whenever the reverse gear is engaged. Three separate views allow the driver to select one to best serve the situation. And when you’re backing out of parking spots, the wide angle lens helps reveal what is behind you.

Rear Cross-Traffic Monitor: One of the assistive features on new Acura cars, the Rear Cross Traffic Monitor uses radar to detect vehicles approaching from the side when you are reversing. It will then alert the driver to their presence with an audible warning and visual alerts in the rear camera display.

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